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Gaming Tips

The top mobile online casino tips start with the phone you are using and the connectivity concerns and then moves on to the casino software you download and play with.

1. Connectivity

Make sure you use your mobile casino in an area where there is strong, wireless internet connection. This will ensure uninterrupted connectivity. However, if, as sometimes happens, your internet connection suddenly dies, don’t panic as mobile casinos often give you time to reconnect. Therefore if you have a flutter on a train and happen to go through a tunnel, simply reconnect when you come out the other side.

2. Visibility

Mobile gaming is obviously carried out over a small, handset screen. Therefore the layout and clarity of the site becomes more important. When selecting sites to bet from make sure you consider how the screen will transfer to a smaller frame.

3. Accessories

You may find that accessories you wouldn’t normally bother to purchase become ‘must haves’ once you commence mobile gambling. Shell, keyboard and screen protectors keep the key pads working effectively and ensure a clear, undistorted picture. Distinguishing between the king of clubs and the king of hearts is crucial so maintaining your handset is really important.

4. Don’t Run Out of Juice

You may be on a winning streak when disaster strikes… make sure you carry a spare, charged power pack.

5. Storage Space

Downloads have heavy memories so make sure you save them on your memory card and not the hard drive of your phone. This not only frees up space on your phone but means that the games you download are transferrable, should you change handset.

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