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Mobile gaming has come along leaps and strides over the past few years. Let’s take a brief step back in time and see just how far we‘ve come.

In the Beginning…

…there was ‘Snake’ – pre-installed on the Nokia 6110, it provided a winding creep around the mobile screen with the aim of connecting the emerging dots. It may have intrigued many back in 1997 but it certainly shows its age and simplicity now!

Similar games began to appear on other phones – all were hampered by the restrictions of mobile technology at that time and the games were not a patch on their console and PC competitors.

A Few Advancements

In 2001 ‘Snake’ went color!! In addition, other mobile gaming developers started to become active in the market and, as everyone knows, with competition comes progress.

Each generation of new phones came with new advancements; from up to the minute micro processing technology, super sized memory and high caliber graphics to enhanced handset use. Each improvement was pounced upon by developers, who were able to develop increasingly sophisticated games.

Although still present, the gap between mobile and online/console games is closing and it’s becoming more commonplace to find mobile versions of online games being developed.

The Future

Smartphones are the new mobile of choice, in particular among professionals.  Although famous for their PC-like functionability, they are increasingly being used to play games.
Another trend is the introduction of multiplayer games, taking full advantage of the connectivity aspect of a handset. This is where mobile gambling can really find its niche.
From very basic beginnings, mobile gaming is now speeding ahead both in terms of technical upgrading and popularity.

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